Sunday, February 24, 2013

My first blog - Why I became a Beachbody Coach

This is my first blog entry.  I wanted to use it to share why I became a Beachbody coach.  Since having kids, it has been difficult to get/keep the weight off.  Thinking back to the year after my first son was born,  I remember how discouraging it was to not fit into any of my work clothes when I returned to work 7 months later!  This was despite going to the gym every other day and going for long walks with my dog.  It wasn’t until my son turned a year that I finally got down to my pre-pregnancy weight – but that was because I had a stomach bug for 8 weeks (count ‘em, 8 weeks!  Welcome to daycare! J) and that is NOT the way to lose weight.  I looked and felt terrible. I kept the weight off but with the usual fluctuations.  I swore that wouldn’t happen again when I was pregnant with my second son.  I had some medical complications after he was born and became very anemic.  This prevented me from getting back into the swing of things for a while.

 It took about 2 months before I was able to go for walks with my son and my dog that were further than my block/road (whatever it’s called.  I live in the country now but you can take the girl out of Queens but you can’t take the Queens out of the girl, I guess).  The third month after he was born I started to go to the YMCA – Monday through Friday.  They have child care for an hour and a half.  This was great.  I dropped my oldest off at summer camp, went to the gym to work out and get a shower!- This alone made it worth it, lol!  I did this for 3 months before returning to work.  But even after 3 months, I didn’t lose weight.  I still didn’t fit into my work clothes.  Not again! L 

That is when my husband bought P90X.  I was not intimidated.  I used to be really fit.  I was game!  The first week went great and so did the second – I got up at 5am every day to push play.  I remember I immediately lost about 4 pounds.  Then the third week came and my son got sick.  It threw my schedule off.  I wasn’t sure what to do, start over, start from where I left off.  Honestly, I don’t remember what I did but I do know that I got sick (hey, a family loves to share germs).  To make a long story short, this happened for months!  I never got through a round of P90X.  However, I did feel stronger and I did see some tone.  Somehow though, I stopped pushing play – it was probably a lot of things.  Mostly my youngest son used to wake up at the crack of dawn.  I mean, I have no problem getting up at 5am to work out…but to beat the little man I’d have to get up at 4am…and sorry, that can’t happen, lol!

For about a year or so I’ve had a Beachbody coach that I have been chatting with.  I’ve been able to ask him questions about the workouts, tips for nutrition (starving is not an option with these workouts – we need to fuel our bodies), etc. and he’d check in with me to see how I was doing.  It was good to hear that he was able to fit workouts in – he has two kids also.  This year he started an accountability group for P90X.  This was what I needed!  I check in and let them know what I’ve been doing.  Others do the same and it is helpful to hear that others are struggling with the same issues – sickness (oh boy has this winter been bad).  I am at day 49 of P90X and I feel great.  I’ve lost 6 pounds so far and as of day 30 I lost 2 inches off my waist.  I’ll measure again on day 60. 

So, this was a long story but I really believe in Beachbody products.  I use Beachbody fitness routines (I can’t wait to start Hip Hop Abs and Insanity) and I drink Shakeology (love the chocolate and will be trying strawberry soon!)  I want to help others achieve their fitness goals with beachbody the way I am right now!
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  1. Hey dear i am certainly impressed by the whole concept of your blog and am actually considering starting something similar of my own. Also, i believe that fitness is crucial and trying to balance life without will be really hard.