Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Ultimate Reset - Week 2

My second week

Overall I'd say my second week was not as easy as the first week but it was still ok.  As the days went by, I started to think about food that I can't have on the Reset.  On Saturday morning I made my boys breakfast.  They were really hungry and wanted pancakes, eggs and sausage.  I always make a big batch of pancakes (made with half whole wheat and flax seed) and freeze them so that was easy to pull out.  I also had some chicken sausage left over from the day before when I made them breakfast for dinner.  Scrambled eggs are simple.  But while making all of this food, I really started to crave carbs.  Fluffy buttermilk pancakes -- and I make really good pancakes by the way.  But no, I cannot have them.  Instead, I drank my Tropical Strawberry Shakeology.  It is a good thing I love this shake.  I love Shakeology because it really does help with my cravings throughout the day.  I managed to stop thinking about pancakes...but ugh, it is now back in head so maybe I will soon make a cup of blueberry tea. 

So what is new in week two?

There was a new supplement in week 2.  In addition to Alkalinize, Mineralize, Optimize and Soothe there was Detox.  What's in Detox, you ask?  Detox is made of chia seed, milk thistle, tumeric, garlic, aloe vera, ginger, flax, peppermint, slippery elm bark powder, and camu-camu and a few other things.  It is flavored with lemon and reminded me of Lemon Zinger tea.  The taste was fine but no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't desolve in the 12 ounces of water I added it to and it was rather gritty.  But I drank it in a few gulps.  I thought it was better than Alkalinize which, by the way, I still hold my nose while chugging even though I am used to it by now.  One of the other Ultimate Reset participants did not like Detox at all and when she took her last one she sent me a happy message on Facebook!

So, what did I eat?

Week 2 starts a totally vegan diet. Breakfast is either 3 cups of fruit or vegan shakeology.  I opted for the Tropical Strawberry shake and some blueberries and strawberries.  I will be honest, I needed something a little more filling than just fruit.  Both of the other participants drank Shakeology as well.  Last Saturday, however, one participant really needed to have the shake for lunch since she had appointments all morning and would be on the go.  I suggested she cut up her fruit and eat it from a bowl rather than a plate or munching on a whole apple and it would feel more substaintial and satisfying.  I was right and this did the trick for her and got her through the morning.
Lunches consisted of things like salads, pinto beans and rice, quinoa-lentil pilaf, sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque.  Dinners included meals like edamame and roasted corn succotash, acorn squash with millet and garlic tahini sauce and kale, roasted root veggies, and salads.  Everything I ate this week was delicious.  Did I say before that I am a good cook?  Well, my kids say that at least!  I wish the meals were a little more filling.  Some were and some weren't as much.  A few times I needed a snack and needed to eat an extra apple some veggie sticks.  There are snack idea included in the guide book but snacks are meant to eat prior to dinner.  I needed these after dinner since I was feeling a little weak and knew I wouldn't make it until mornging.  I made good choices considering I could have opted for chocolate!

I am still amazed that I and not crazy without coffee. I miss it because I miss the taste but I know I don't need the caffeine.  Maybe I can convince my husband to do half decaf (he'll never agree to all decaf).   A Friday night without a glass of wine is a little strange for me but I managed just fine! 

There are many lessons that I am learning in this experience, not just about food but about myself.  At the end of week 3 I will share these lessons.  I am almost half way through week 3 by now and I will admit, I am looking forward to day 21!



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