Friday, July 5, 2013

Easy Ways to Eat 100 less Calories a Day

I’ve seen a lot of different ways to cut 100 calories from your day.  Many focus on using artificial sweeteners, diet versions and other “unhealthy” substitutions.  I cannot recommend those so mine will focus on sticking with the “real” stuff.

If you cut 100 calories a day for one month you will lose about one pound.  That might seem really slow but it is easy to do.  What faster weightloss?  Double or triple up on these suggestions.  Not looking to lose weight but want to make smarter choices?  These are for you too.

So here are some healthy and realistic swaps:

·         Low fat milk instead of cream in your coffee or tea (this is closer to a 60 calorie savings but using fat free milk will save you about 100)

·         Make veggies the star of the dinner plates.  Veggies should take up about half of your plate.

·          Use a measuring cup to measure out your starch.  I serve myself ½ Cup of a whole grain rather than just scooping it out. 

·         Don’t go back for seconds or even just “a little more” at dinner.

·         Drink water instead of soda.  This saves you about 150 calories.  And NEVER drink diet soda.

·         Use mustard instead of mayonnaise.

·         Use one piece of bread for a sandwich or skip the bread entirely and use lettuce of a salad as a base for your “sandwich” filling. 

·         Skip the cheese on your burger or sandwich most of the time.  Save the cheese for a special treat.  You can’t deny yourself everything!

·         Drink Shakeology for breakfast or lunch!  Not only will you cut calories but you will feel fuller and have fewer cravings helping you to cut calories elsewhere.

·         Don’t add sugar to tea or coffee.

·         Go for a healthier dessert of yogurt or fresh fruit.

·         Skip the bread when you eat out.  Sometimes it is not very good anyway….at least tell yourself that!!

·         Have a whole grain English muffin with 1 TBS of peanut butter instead of a bagel with cream cheese or butter.  This saves way more than 100 calories!

·         Don’t drink alcohol daily.  Limit it to a few times per week.  If I can limit my wine intake, you can do it too!

·         Go to Starbucks every day?  Just order coffee or if you must, a fat free latte without syrup or limit it to one pump.

·         OK, if you are going to indulge, get your frozen yogurt or ice cream in a cup not a cone.


These are some simple ways to save 100 calories a day.  You won’t even miss them!

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