Saturday, October 5, 2013

You've always wanted to try P90X!

You've heard about P90X and you might have even seen the infomercials.  Did you say to yourself, "it's too hard" or "that took longer than 90 days."  Well, I did P90X and in 90 days I had great success:
Weight: lost 12 pounds
Waist: lost 2.5 inches
Hips: lost 4.5 inches (yippee!)
Chest: lost 2 inches
Arms: no change, but I have more definition
Legs: lost 1.5 inches (each leg)
I continued to lose 5 more pounds in the next month by continuing to eat right and exercise. 
Not only did I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again but (after 3 years of dieting and going to the gym with no success) I gained energy and felt good about myself.

When I started P90X the first time, I didn't get very far.  Maybe it was about 2 weeks.  I got sick or one of my kids got sick, I'm not sure.  But I didn't start up again for a while.  The next time I started, the same thing happened.  This happened 1 more time. I pretty much gave up. 

Then I saw my coach posted on Facebook that he was starting a P90X accountability group and he was looking for a few people to join.  I jumped at the chance.  It was just what I needed.  Knowing that others were doing P90X at the same time as me helped me get up each morning.  He answered questions and provided motivation.  And before I knew it I made it through all 90 days of P90X!!

I want to help you get through 90 days!  Join my P90X Challenge Group on November 4, 2013.

P90X is on SALE in October.  Get it now to reserve your spot in my challenge group!!  Comment below, I'd love to chat to find out your fitness goals!

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