Sunday, November 10, 2013

P90X- Les Mills Combat Hybrid Work Out Week 1


P90X is an "Extreme Home Fitness" program designed by Tony Horton and Beachbody.  If you are serious about getting in shape, this is a great tool.  There are a few "programs" to choose from -- Classic, Doubles and Lean.  I opted for the Lean program because I wanted a workout that developed muscle but also included a few more cardio workouts.  Don't think this is the "easy" program.  It is geared more toward getting lean rather than building big muscles and is just as extreme!

I did one round of P90X before: in January through March 2013.  I got pretty good results:

Weight: lost 12 pounds

Waist: lost 2.5 inches

Hips: lost 4.5 inches (yippee!)

Chest: lost 2 inches

Arms: no change, but I have more definition

Legs: lost 1.5 inches (each leg)

This time though I am going for great results.  I don't need to lose weight but I am looking to see just how much definition and toned muscle I can build.  It will be a challenge considering this is the WORST time of the year for me – Halloween through New Years!

P90X is excellent as it is but I am looking to keep things fresh and mix them up a bit so I decided to do a hybrid program this round.  I will be doing a P90X/Les Mills Combat/Run hybrid.  On the cardio days (day 2, 4 and 6) I will be doing a Les Mills Combat workout or go for a run.

This was my first week of the P90X/Les Mills Combat hybrid workout.  I've missed P90X and I'm pumped to be doing it again.  My week included the following workouts:

Monday - P90X Core Synergistics

So what exactly is Core Synergistics you ask?  This routine works your entire body,  but it emphasizes your core.

Tuesday - 4 mile run at 5:15am with headlamp on with a group of local moms rockin’ it!

Wednesday -P90X Shoulders and Arms

This is one of my favorites, with a lot of traditional moves using hand weights or resistance bands such as shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep kick backs, chair dips, flys, etc.  They might be traditional but they are Tony Horton style – extreme!

Thursday - Les Mills Combat 30 Minute Kick Start

30 minutes fly by with this routine.  Great music and fun moves with lots of punches and kicks! 

Friday - P90X Legs and Back

This is a killer workout.  I love this one.  I do lat pull downs using my Bowflex instead of doing pull-ups.  You can use a resistance band to do this exercise if you can’t do pull-ups.  Maybe one day soon I’ll get there.   Lots of different moves for the legs too so it doesn’t get boring.

Saturday - Les Mills Combat HIIT 30

Another 30 minutes fly by.  This incorporates some high intensity punches and kicks and some weight training.  What a perfect combo to get your heart rate up and burn some calories.

Sunday - P90X Stretch

Ahhh…what a wonderful workout!

I came out too strong and now I'm paying for it.  My legs are still sore.  Next week I'm still going to give it my all but with Legs and Back I am going to bring it down a notch so that I can actually go for a run next Sunday. Plus I have to keep in mind that this is the first week and I have 11 more weeks to go and grow!

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