Monday, January 27, 2014

Not Enough Time To Workout?

My house is never calm.  I have two young boys, a husband, a cat, a big dog and a hamster named Dora.  Between gymnastics, cub scouts, baseball, playdates, work, trying to fit in some kind of a personal life with activities like a book club, there is not much time for fitness.  

In order to fit in fitness I wake up at 5am, every week day and usually around 6am on the weekends.  I understand this might not be easy for everyone to do.  But there is another way to fit in fitness.  Can you find 25 minutes in your day?  Can you wake up just a little earlier or squeeze in 25 minutes while your child is napping or just after you put them to bed? 

If you can find just 25 minutes (ok, well, more like 35 since you’ll need to change into workout clothes and stretch after the workout) you can get it done!  Yes, a 25 minute workout gets the job done!  The key to getting a workout done in only 25 minutes is working smart.  Focus T25 is a smart workout.

You work out 5 days a week.  All the routines work your whole body, even though some may focus on the upper or lower body.  You will get a great cardio workout and fee it all over!  You might think the workouts have to be crazy intense in order to be effective since they are just 25 minutes. 

I wouldn’t use the word intense to describe Focus T25.  They aren’t easy.  They are tough and focused.  You are working your core while you are doing the whole routine.  Some of the routines are fast.  I’ve tripped a few times, I have to admit.  But then I learned it is better to go low and slow rather than fast without control.  Working with more control is the key to higher calorie burn and therefore the key to results!  There is a modifier to follow if the workout is too hard.  You can switch back and forth throughout the workout if you need to so you never have to stop! 

The program is a cardio based program that is 60 days long.  The first five weeks is called Alpha.  Here you are learning the moves and building stamina.  The second five weeks is still cardio but it includes more strength training.  Another great thing about this workout is that you don’t need special equipment.  Again, the first month is all cardio and although the second month introduces resistance training with weights, resistance bands are included with the program so there is nothing to buy if  you don’t own hand weights.

So if you think that you don’t have time for fitness, you should consider Focus T25.  You can join one of my online accountability groups to help stay motivated!  If you have questions, comment below or email me.  I’d love to chat and help with your fitness goals! 

Here are some things the ladies in my current accountability group are saying about Focus T25 –
"Speed 2.0 -- the fastest 25 minutes in my lifetime...Soaked thru but feeling VERY accomplished...I am really liking it!"
"T25 abs done -- and it is definitely getting easier!"

“I did the T25 Ab Intervals and had so much energy this morning I could have done a second workout. Feeling great!”

Through January 31, 2014 you can get the Focus T25 Challenge Pack on sale!  It includes the fitness program and a bag of Shakeology.  It is a great way to try Shakeology since you'll get the back for over 50% off!

For more information check out Focus T25 on my website
To sign up for free coaching, visit Kats Quest Free Coaching

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