Friday, April 4, 2014

March's Running Challenge

During the month of March I participated in the Spartan 30 Challenge - to run or walk at least 1 mile a day for 30 days.  I didn’t get a run in every day.  I walked 2 days and missed 9 days for various reasons including illness.  Not bad. 

My running was in addition to my P90X3 workouts.  Some days I used them as a warm up and some days I ran after my workout.  I mostly ran after P90X3 when I was concerned with form.  I work out at 5 am and sometimes I’m still half asleep so running after wasn’t a bad idea since it gave me time to wake up.  On one of my last runs I accidentally knocked the emergency stop off and nearly went flying off the treadmill!  I don’t think I was awake yet.

Although many of my runs were about one mile, some were a little over 4 miles when it was “warm” enough to run outside.  This winter was bitter cold.  I don’t mind running in cold weather.  Actually I like running when it is cold.  But negative temps and single digit temps are ridiculous.  One day in January I ran when it was 2 degrees and we all had frost on our face. Despite the cold I managed to get two long runs in – 7 and 8 miles. 

My total mileage was 49.4 miles.  Ugh!  I wish I would have looked at my totals before my last run in March.  I would have gone a little further to hit 50 miles!!  My average pace was 9.25 .  I’m good with that for now.  My P90X3 workouts are certainly making me a stronger runner.  I don’t feel winded and my legs feel strong.  I know I can push more next month.  So let’s see what April brings besides showers.

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