Sunday, June 15, 2014

P90X3 and Les Mills Combat Hybrid Schedule

I’ve said it before, I love P90X3.  It is my favorite Beachbody Program.  I also really enjoy Les Mills Combat and I often go back to that program because it is so much fun.  Dan and Rach are great motivators! 
Someone recently asked me for ideas on how to incorporate these programs into one. Here is a way to do P90X3 and Combat as a hybrid.
A few months ago I did a hybrid with these two programs but I was really doing P90X3 and incorporating running and Combat .  However, here is a way to do a hybrid.

Basically you would follow the calendar for both programs but switching which one you are doing.  

Week 1

 Day 1 do Accelerator (X3 day 1)

Day 2 CombatHIIT Power (Combat day 2)

Day 3 YogaX (X3 day 3)

Day 4 Rest (Combat day 4 or do X3 day 4 of CVX)

Day 5 Isometrix (X3 day 5)

Day 6 Combat Plyo (combat day 6)

Day 7 rest


Week 2

Day 1 Combat 30 (Combat day 1)

Day 2 Warrior (X3 day 2)

Day 3 Combat 45 (Combat day 3) etc.


Week 3 Repeat either week 1 or week 2.


Week 4 follow transition week in X3


Block 2 would follow similar fashion to block 1.


These programs are great by themselves but it keeps it fresh and interesting if you start to do them as hybrids. 

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