Sunday, July 27, 2014

PiYo and Running Week 3

This was week 3 for PiYo and Running.  The full PiYo Schedule is:

Day 1: Define: Upper Body
Day 2: Buns
Day 3: Core
Day 4: Define: Lower Body 

Day 5: Rest Day
Day 6: Sweat
Day 7: Strength Intervals 

I only did three PiYo workouts this week.  I did Upper Body, Core and Strength Intervals. I ran 4 times this week and I did Focus T25 twice.  I'm still feeling strong and my legs seem to recover from my runs faster.  My two short runs this week were both four miles and they were faster than the week before.  I ran them in 9'09" and 9'06" whereas the week before I ran 9'27" and 9'11".  PiYo is not making me run faster but I do think it is helping me feel better after my runs. 

Everyone wants a strong core.  I know without a doubt that PiYo is helping me to strengthen my core.  The Core workout is a 30 minute workout focusing on the core.  Even though all of the PiYo workouts work the core indirectly, this one is directly working the core. 

It starts with a good warm up getting your body loose and warm.  After the warm up, you do a series of standing moves like standing crunches.  The series has several flowing moves and it repeated with the alternate side leading.  Next is a series of prone exercises like down dog, planks, child pose and PiYo Pike!  I love this move.  It is not easy and it can be modified.  It starts with plank position.  Then you take one hand and reach under you to your other side, crunching your abs and obliques.  Intense!  But you can put one knee down to help you until you get stronger.  

After the prone moves, the workout includes a series of supine moves -- those on your back and sitting.  PiYo pedal is another good move.  You pedal your legs while rising and lowering them.  The core is feeling this for sure!

Finally the cool down! Yeah.  Well, honestly, the 30 minutes flew by.  This is another good PiYo workout.  Although it is a good workout for all levels, beginners might feel it is very challenging.  But that is ok.  You can't see change if it is not challenging.  Just don't give up and do what you can.  You'll never get stronger if you don't try.

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