Monday, April 27, 2015

PiYo for Runners Challenge Group!!

My PiYo for Runners 
Challenge Group is starting soon!

Are you a runner?  Are you training for a race?  Increasing your mileage? Or are you just getting out there to run?  Then you are going to want to join my PiYo for Runners group!

What is PiYo? 

This program uses no weights and there is NO jumping.  It is a fusion of Pilates and yoga-inspired moves.  It is designed to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and provide you with a light cardio workout too!

What workouts are included in PiYo?

Define Upper Body - 20 minutes of upper body focus.

Sweat - 35 minutes A flowing cardio-yoga workout, including some bodyweight resistance strength training.

Core - 30 minutes Sculpt your abs, obliques and develop a strong core. A strong core is important to runners!

Strength Intervals - 25 minutes Develop strength without using weights.

Drench - 45 minutes The names says it all.  Maximize fat burning while working every muscle in your body.

Sculpt - 30 minutes  This workout uses varying tempos to keep your muscles under tension.  Sculpt your body but it won't leave you too sore for your run the next day!

Buns - 30 minutes Squat, lunge and flowing burpees!  Build those muscle that will help you build on your distance and speed!

How will my challenge group work? 

I'll have a private Facebook group where I will provide motivation and tips.  Chat with fellow runner and help each other!  Runners are some of the most supportive people I know!!  Lets support each other!!

You can incorporate PiYo either just on your cross training days or everyday!  I plan to incorporate it 3 to 4 times per week.

Why Cross Training While Running?

Mix things up-   Adding a different workout to your routines will keep things fresh.  PiYo has a different workout every day so you’ll really be mixing things up by adding this to running. Rotate different videos in each week or follow the PiYo schedule and double up with running on your light and easy run days. 

Increases Flexibility- Incorporating yoga and Pilates, PiYo builds core strength and loosens the hips, hamstrings and calves.  This is very important to running efficiently. 

Reduce the pounding- Let’s face it.  When you incorporate other workouts, you’re not pounding as much so you reduce the stress on your joints.  PiYo restores your body.  

Comment below for more details.  Or visit Kat's PiYo for Runners Challenge Group for more information on PiYo or to purchase PiYo.  

For other Beachbody programs, including P90X3 visit 

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